Vision & Mission

The Middle East holds 40% of the world’s conventional gas reserves.

Despite our best estimates, it is not exactly known how much oil and gas exist in the Middle East and how much of it can be recovered in the future, but there is probably more to Middle East petroleum than what we currently know.

We are beside our clients

Occidental has earned a reputation for consistently delivering results that add value. We strive to be a trusted partner everywhere we operate, recognized for our expertise, experience and ability to collaborate for success.

Hina Energy has a vision

The sustainable and quality driven growth of the oil and gas market. Hina Energy understands it as her duty to provide the best possible technologies to service the market and its vendors in the middle east, with the strong emphesis on the Iranian market.

  • Safe and responsible use of natural resources
  • Join forces with stakeholders for better improvment
  • Convenient support & after sales service