Hina Energy Procurement

Hina Energy Procurement

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Hina Energy Design

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Hina Energy Manufacturing

HINA Energy

Hina Energy Company was founded in 2010 for optimizing and improving systems, engineering and researching in oil & gas and energy fields.

Hina Energy Co. presents services related to rotary machines such as different type of pumps, compressors and turbines. The company operates in the area of manufacturing and fabricating the spare parts for rotating machines specifically the pumps, and we are one of those few Iranian companies which have this knowledge to reduce our customers engineering needs. Highly qualified and experienced senior professionals (Engineers, technologist, designers, project coordinators, project managers and administrative personnel) help us to furnish fresh ideas and feasible solutions for the problems that our clients face with and cause to be an specialized company in designing and engineering to manufacture and fabricate most complicated and unconventional parts required for various model of rotary machines using reverse engineering according to the specific standards.

Our Clients

We are honored to announce HINA Energy is officially representing HAUKE Pumps of Austria


Our References

„Kwangshin“ Air Compressor

„Kwangshin“ Air Compressor, PISTON ROD, Tehran Oil Refinery


P/F „GABBIONETA“ Hor. Pump, 3 Type Pump, National Iranian South Oilfield


P/F “GABBIONETA” Hor. Pump, Mechanical Seal, National Iranian South Oilfield

P/F „SAMSUNG“ Vertical Turbine

P/F „SAMSUNG“ Vertical Turbine, Shroud Case, Tehran Oil Refinery

P/F „ GABBIONETA“ Vertical Pump

P/F „ GABBIONETA“ Vertical Pump, 28 Item of Pump, NISOC


P/F „INGERSOLL-RAND“ Pump, Air Caps, Iranian Oil Terminals

P/F „AKAY“ Pump

P/F „AKAY“ Pump, Middle Sleeve, Tehran Oil Refinery

P/F „TERRY“ Turbine

P/F „TERRY“ Turbine, Thrust & Journal Bearings, Tehran Oil Refinery